have had a busy social week the past fortnight.  thankfully getting a bit out of the rut of sitting in the house and was getting back in touch with friends on facebook which lead to my facebook page being locked by the bastards.

it was my friends 40th birthday.  missed the actual house party on saturday which i was invited to because i was a bit non compos mentis but met her for a few drinks on the monday night.  saturday past there i also attended a christening for my friends little girl.  was a good quiet affair but the afterwards with a few friends was good craic down my house. i haven’t told them that i am a targeted individual yet.  it’s hard to know if any are compromised. i may have doubts about 1 or 2 but i know they know that whatever they are told about me it is a lie.

i also very coincidentally bumped into one of the people i mentioned on my twitter account who i know was responsible for me being targeted and was placed in my company by MI5 paedophiles and occultists — he was the person i named as raping his sister and stabbing his brother but was seemingly protected.  my first instinct was to confront him and hit him but i talked to him in a friendly way.  i wanted to suss him.  i met him outside a shop then met him yesterday in town.  i’d say there’ many levels of gangstalkers.  this one is definitely on the bottom rung.  a sex offender placed to discredit the target and try and gain information about him/her.

again there seems to be a normal street. no revving or numerous vehicles.  as i said previously, this coincides with the perps at number 30 moving out.  but i still do get same time exit and entrance when i walk/cycle.  have video evidence of such.

last night i was also wondering how did a few moths, flies and daddy long legs get into the house when i wasn’t out or had any windows open ?  i place sellotape on the windows and doors so know if anyone tried to open them. then i thought there’s the letter box.  it’s the only logical explanation. creepy perp neighbours actually catching insects and putting them though the letterbox. sounds extremely far fetched and crazy to the non-targeted, but how else can it be explained that there are 6 or 7 flying insects about when i have all doors and windows sealed ?

also seen another 666 number plate  and also again saw the car with the EDL number plate which i documented about here and parked right in front of it was one with GAA. i am a GAA fan (Gaelic Athletic Association) and am actually watching it now on sky sports.  i also retweeted a GAA post in late june on my twitter. could be a coincidence but ……

and yes the number plates are not ‘native’ and have the same alphanumerical arrangement. seems to me maybe to be english/MI5/MI6 reference then the target last 3 initials.

666 number plate:


message i kept getting from facebook since i got in touch with old friends:

on thursday 4th august 2016 sainsburys theft alarm again rang as i left. and again no security staff approached me.  this is MI5 occultists, NWO agenda adherents and paedophiles trying to discredit me.

#GangStalking bit by dog + updates #TargetedIndividual

this morning as i was cycling home after shopping at sainsburys a little dog, a highland terrier i think it was ran after me and bit me just above my ankle.  i had my bike camera on and recording but i had it directed down as there was a young child in view ( i always, if i can, direct my bike cam away when there is a possibility of children being recorded.), the little bastard ran along me as i cycled and nipped at me.  the dog was with the young child and 2 elderly men who were all walking together.  i don’t know if this is perp related but i am assuming so as i looked back and the 2 elderly men were laughing and just turned away as i shouted “dickhead” at them.  they didn’t even wave their hand in apology or say anything.  did the perps command the dog to bite me ? it was strange that they would laugh and not care considering they were with what i would say was a 5 year old little girl and a dog that just had a go at someone.


i went to the chemist and they said to clean it and put soda cream on it and if it inflames or spreads to go and get medical attention.  ironically, this occurs as the perps who live behind me had a yapping dog which suddenly disappeared.

as i was entering sainsburys the alarm did go off. it didn’t as i left.  this is the first time in a good while that a shop theft alarm has sounded as i was shopping.

the same time exit/entrance has also completely stopped except for one incident on monday 25th july 2016 where at hotspot number 2 where i cross over from the area i live there were workers there then up at the corner came a car that parked in and it was closely and quickly followed by 3 vehicles (2 taxis and a van).  to me it seemed to be a well choreographed piece of theatre to either cause an accident as i was cycling up or to just push me off my side of the road. i just stood my ground and recorded it.

MI5 car licence/registration plate — #GangStalking #TargetedIndividual

this morning as i  was heading home after a 2 hour cycle through sainsburys parking lot, a car parked right in front of me in the direction i was going.  it’s number plate was ‘MI5 RYB’.  MI5 obviously referring to british military intelligence.  i have now come across MI5 and MI6  vehicle licence plates and also a few 999 (police/emergency phone number) vehicle licence plates as well as numerous ‘666’ licence plates in overt surveillance by satanic gang stalking criminals.

i still always get same time exit/entrance. but yesterday afternoon i didn’t get any as i left my street to head into town but i did receive a nice welcome at the other hotspot at the exit of my street.  as i am about to cross over (one car does pass by me) 2 cars are also waiting to turn. one, a red car and you can see it has it’s bottom front head lights on but as it gets closer and waits to turn it turns them off. this is known as ‘brighting’ in organised gang stalking terms.  then 11 cars (including 4 taxis) pass me. at 43 seconds is a perp who i have documented before who is an ex provo IRA man now working for british security service occultists, paedophiles and criminals. (the screeching noise is the brakes on my bicycle)

my first impression was that they were making up for not being able to  vehicle stalk me at my street so piled them in at the other hotpsot, but later that day the perps at number 30 put a for sale sign outside their house 🙂  maybe they were feeling a bit sour at this 🙂


as for the perps at number 30 who seem to have just moved out to somewhere else already, my mum and dad said that they are so nice when they talk to them and that the young woman who lived there promised to try and find a good family to move in !! yeah right, pull the other one. ever since i have became aware that i was a targeted individual the perps would ignore me or give me dirty looks, before they were nice and smiling and somehow leaving over mail and parcels that they intercepted.  the same with the perp trotters. 4 or 5 times this happened and it happened while my parents were away so they made sure that it was just me in so they could single me out when they left the mail over.  and isn’t it the perps who are supposed to drive the TI away ? seems their handlers aren’t happy with them being outmanoeuvred :).

their petty shop alarm shenanigans has also failed. i have been in and out of tescos, sainsburys and supervalu recently and they haven’t sounded at all 🙂  thing’s aren’t going too well for the silly pricks haha.

also, the number of vehicles passing by the house is still near enough on a normal scale. maybe 1 car every half hour or sometimes none an hour, but today as i was downstairs fixing the router there were about 15 cars that passed the front of the house in the 3o-45 minutes i was down there which i have on camera so they are still letting me know that they are about, but since i went upstairs 2 hours ago i think only 3 or 4 vehicles have passed.

#GangStalking #TargetedIndividual perp with yapping dog + updates

about 2 weeks ago i could hear a dog barking behind were i live.  there hasn’t been a dog that lives in any of the houses there for years. one night it was continually barking so i opened my window then it stopped but kept my window open anyway. a few hours later the dog started barking again and surprise, surprise the culprit were perps. i got my phone and recorded this new noise campaign. it’s in the dark and recorded sideways so difficult to see, but you can make out a figure walk from the garage were the dog is kept.  the next sequence is a few days later on a friday or a saturday.  i went downstairs to the kitchen to make something to eat and the dog started barking again, so i again recorded.  the yaps were so loud that they were very evident even though i had no windows or doors opened.  the greyish white part of the video is the next day with the same dog barking again while i was in the kitchen.  i turned my phone on and left it at the window sill and went upstairs and back down again (which are the other noises heard) to see if i could see the dog but the garage door of the perps was closed.

i uploaded this video to my laptop last week and since then the dog has done a disappearing act !!!  it was as if the perps knew that i had documented their noise campaign so got rid of the dog.

i have been going to tescos and sainsburys frequently to shop and since my last documented case, there have been no alarms at all !!! i did go to supervalu this morning.  i mentioned in one of my last blogs that a shrilling alarm went off as i went in. well today, the shrill alarm did go off as i entered but not as i left.  it was as if to signal that i had arrived and to watch out for me, or as usual to make me have a disreputable reaction to the alarm in a public place.  i recorded it with my phone camera:

there has been a massive decrease in vehicles passing my house for the past couple of weeks. this has been in sync with the perps at number 30 moving out and the alarms at tesco and sainsburys not sounding anymore. from thursdays- sunday afternoon i record from my cctv camera outside the front of the house to see the traffic.  the difference is staggering. it now is as if the street is back to normal. a car or 2 maybe once every 30/45 mins compared to 5-7 cars every 30 minutes, even 10-15 cars sometimes every 30 minutes passing by.  maybe they have conceded defeat 🙂 i must upload videos to my youtube account to document the difference, as this will take a long time to do as the videos are in 30 minute segments, i will need to do it when i have a lot of spare time.

i still do get same time exit/entrance. even if it is just once car that happens to pass by no matter the time of the day/night. again i have plenty of video evidence which i must also upload in the future.

most disturbing of all though is a text i got from a number i didn’t recognise asking me how a certain person was.  i haven’t seen this person (a very good friend) in nearly 6/7 months, but it was my birthday recently and this person sent me a card and rang the house looking for me.  my mum answered the phone to her as i wasn’t in.  the next day i am getting these texts from a number i don’t know asking how was this friend was and have i seen her about.  my friend didn’t know my mobile number until i range her a couple of days later. i only replied once asking who it was. this is definite proof of surveillance.  phone tampering, or otherwise (occultist mind reading etc).  i will keep it on my phone as evidence.

though i am a bit sensitized to looking at car registration/number plates that pass me, i haven’t been doing that much recently but i do still have my bike cam on and i haven’t been looking at much footage recently so i am not sure if any other unusual, or the now usual, plates have been coincidently passing as i make my way on my daily routes. but last saturday i did notice a van with 666 on it’s registration plate:

666 van sat 9th july 2016

i seem to have kicked my lucozade habit 🙂 i must have had on average 3 or 4 bottles of lucozade orange daily for the past 4/5 years.  i was at my asthma doctor and she was surprised that i didn’t have diabetes.  she gave me advice i have have so far adhered to it.  i have also been more social recently. meeting a couple of friends i haven’t see too much off — going fishing and drinking.  not too much cycling though as the weather just can’t make its mind up.

#GangStalking #TargetedIndividual blog update thurs 30th june 2016

looks like perp neighbours at number ’30’ have gone 🙂 wasn’t so long ago they were having new furniture delivered.  2 weeks ago they just up and went one night and gone the next day lol.  i thought they went on holiday but they have been defeated and left lol.  maybe they knew i was naming and shaming MI5 gang stalking scum and that they would be next on the list, well you still will be in good time, creeps.  it was a man and his wife, a young baby and an older brother maybe about in his 20s.  when i used to work i would wear a high-vis jacket and cycle to work.  i would see him cycling also in a high-vis jacket no matter the weather.  i wore mine for work purposes.  i didn’t make too much of it as back then i didn’t know what gang stalking was.  when i was aware last summer, i would be downstairs with the blinds open all night, as i would want to see the many cars that would stop outside my house, but instead i would get number 30 coming out at all hours flashing a torch into the window and going out to their car and flashing the car lights.  they were one of the new neighbours brought in to gang stalk me.  they were there for only 2 years or so and would also get hands on mail before we did and would deliver it over.

and in the same time frame since then there has been a dramatic decrease in vehicles passing the house

yesterday as i was shopping in tescos the sore alarm again went off as i arrived and left.  today though as i was shopping in tescos it didn’t go off.

last week as i was shopping at supervalu close to where i live a shrill sounding alarm went off as i went in.  this is the first time i ever heard it there and i have been shopping in what i would call my local shop for over a decade. i be aware now and have my phone on recording to see if the alarm would go off again ….  it hasn’t, but last week as i was going in to suprvalu again and i had my phone recording someone said something to me what sounded like either “gay boy” or “brave boy”. i ignored him and walked on:

i also came across a strange car registration plate about 2 weeks ago as i was cycling into town. it was:’C18 RME’.  my first thoughts were to the british far-right neo-nazi group ‘combat 18’.  then about a week later i also saw a car that had ‘EDL’ (English Defence League — another far-right wing fascist organisation) on its registration licence plate.  i had it recorded and downloaded but i must have deleted it by accident. so i didn’t really see the need to blog about the ‘CI8’ car until there was a hate-crime a couple of days ago that included ‘C 18’ being gratified outside the house of a ethnic minority.  abhorrent behaviour.  this is obviously not linked but a strange coincidence all the same.


Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin Implicated in Covert Microwave Weaponry Assaults on “Targeted Individuals” — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin whose foray into multiple Government agencies was covered in a 2011 Guernica article featuring an op-ed by William D. Hartung, Is Lockheed Martin Shadowing You?: How a Giant Weapons Maker Became the New Big Brother, and whose participation in covert microwave weaponry assaults on the populace has been explored online from […]

via Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin Implicated in Covert Microwave Weaponry Assaults on “Targeted Individuals” — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

perp with ‘illegal’ car and trailer number plate #GangStalking #TargetedIndividual

i would always hear a loud noise as if a car towing a trailer fast past my house while i would be in my room (one of the many noise campaigns).  this would occur on average twice a day.  of course there is plausible deniability as it could be ‘workers’ .  well last week as i was coming home from the local shop a car with a trailer came past me and made the noise i would be accustomed to hearing.  thankfully i had my bike camera with me ….

the law stipulates:

Towing a trailer

Your trailer must display the same number plate as the car you’re towing it with. If you’re towing more than one trailer, the number plate must be fixed to the trailer at the back.

the car/trailer that very coincidently drove past me had a different licence/registration/number plate from what was on its trailer.  another sign of immunity from MI5 gang stalking criminals.


might be unrelated and in-coincidental, but i am documenting too many coincidences and occurrences for it to be innocent.

‘DOJ’ taxi registration number #TargetedIndividual #GangStalking

as i was cycling/walking home yesterday (wednesday june 22nd 2016 ) i came across a taxi parked where i have never seen one parked before.  as always i have my bike camera turned on, and as i am probably sensitized to number plates i noticed the end of the number plate being ‘DOJ’.  my first instincts where ‘department of justice’, even though i i’m in ireland/northern ireland, as the DOJ is a US department.  but 4 minutes later as i was going to cross the road to where i live the same ‘DOJ’ taxi drove passed me !!!

now, i didn’t think really much more of it except going through my twitter notifications and noticing another TI mention something about ‘Doj’ which caught my attention (which was tweeted days before i saw the ‘DOJ’ taxi).  but to me it is too much of a coincidence and suspicious and makes me think about targeting and our reality if it is superimposed on others.  is it a coincidence ? i don’t think nothing is. it’s crazy. it’s the matrix.


another fabricated ‘fraud’ case brought against me (or #IDTheft) #TargetedIndividual #GangStalking

i got a letter from the social security agency last week informing me of a visit from one of their officers to my house regarding a so-called ‘change in circumstances’ that i apparently failed to report.

the lady called this morning and said that they had information that i had a bank account with monies over £6,000 in the account !!! she didn’t specify exactly how much.  obviously this is a load of bull contrived by white collar criminal perps. either they are deliberately misleading the system via hacking or they have opened an account in my name and have access to thousands of pounds knowing that they are committing an untraceable crime so i get the blame.

i had to go through an interview and provide my bank statements to the officer.  she said that it could be a computer error, but i doubt it …..  last year i documented how now 3 years ago i was accused of the exact same offence of not declaring £10,000 in a bank account !!!  this is a blatant case of targeting and trying to destroy my credibility and financial standing/background checks to leave me in a state of poverty, bankruptcy and hardship in the future.  the officer said they’ll further investigate and send me out a letter in the coming weeks with their outcome.  here is the letter they sent:


there has also been an increase of acts of sabotage this week in the house.  first, the washing machine broke and we had to buy a new one.  my dad had to buy 2 new tyres for his car as the others had damage done to them that he can’t understand how and our freezer was left open overnight meaning we had to dump all the food that was in there.

i came across 2 number plates today that had 999 (phone number for police/emergency services) and 666 in them within 5 minutes of each other and both had the same ‘non-native’ alphanumeric arrangement:

i’m sure there is more, but i haven’t had time to go through most of my recordings (i also bought a new bike camera today) and the recordings i do have saved are not organised, same for the ‘same time entrance and exit’ videos that still occurs daily.

AND YES !!!!!!!!!! Ireland just scored against italy in the euros !!!! a win gets us through to the last 16 !!! :)) 5 minutes left

rainbow coloured light on wall #TargetedIndividual #GangStalking

forgot to add that last  saturday (11th june 2016) while i was in my bedroom watching the football i noticed a rainbow patterned light that seemed to be projected on my wall.  it could have been there for a half-hour or a bit longer, but what i do know is that this is the first time i have ever seen something like this.  it is away from the window and from where there could be any reflection.  i have read other TIs testimonies and they have observed flashing lights and spot-lights been projected or shone into their living area, but i must say i have never seen anything like this before. not even a spot of light.  as soon as i started to record it within a minute it was gone.

what is also eerie is that the next day occurred the dreadful and disgusting terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in orlando, USA, as the LGBT community use a rainbow coloured flag.  of course it’s not related but felt really eerie to me when i went through some of the footage i recorded today.

(on the issue of the LGBT community, i fully support their emancipation and equality in marriage, employment and in all walks of life.)


ps.  as soon as i set up another cheap camera i bought in another room for surveillance out of the window (at the side of my house) all of a sudden there has been a dramatic decrease in vehicles passing.  they were passing the front of my house regularly since i set-up the other camera a couple of hours ago but i am now winning the day 🙂 😀